Walk-In Procedures 
Posted on December 30th, 2016 
I heard my friend William talking about walk-in procedures, and I thought, "yeah, that’s a really great idea to expand on". Your walk-in procedures, do you have a framework in place to handle walk-ins? What is your goal with walk-ins?

So many people I see, think (because they’ve been conditioned, brainwashed) that the whole goal of somebody that walks into their facility is to set an appointment. That’s wrong. They just walked in. They are already there. Do something with them.

Get rid of the crutch– here’s several concepts.

Number one, the little piece of paper that you give them, the class schedule, brochure, business card. You don't need to do it. You don’t need to give them a brochure. You don’t need to give them a business card. You don’t need to give them something with your website on it. They are in your facility. Do something with them.

Now obviously when they walk in, they don’t know what to ask. So what do they say? They say, “Can I get some information?” Sure! Give them the information! Tell them the information as you walk them around. Give them a tour of your facility. Give them a little taste. Let them touch the safety equipment. Give them a little punch-kick and give them a couple of exercises they can do right now and for the next week that will help them become in better shape or release stress. Whatever it is, have something that you can help you engage with these people versus just giving them a brochure and let them walk away.

Next, as far as crutches are concerned, are brochures or pamphlets or flyers or any of that stuff that you leave in front of your facility. You should have something for people to take in front of your facility. When I say in front, I mean like affixed to the storefront, your glass, on the outside. That way, when your door is locked, when it’s shut, when no one is there, they can grab something. Here’s what I would like you to do. You should have different types depending on what they’re interested in. 

You should make sure that when you put that stuff out at the end of the night, that you count it. You count it, not so you have an inventory level, but so you know how many people actually took one while you weren’t there.

Now, when you get to your facility, you’re going to remove that information. Why would you do that? Because you want to encourage people to come in. You need to put an insert into those brackets, those Plexiglas things that are sticky-sided on to the glass, that encourages people to come inside and get more information. When they come inside for more information, don’t give them stuff. Tell them information. Give them a tour. Engage with them and then go for what it is you’re supposed to go for. You’re supposed to create a trial. You’re supposed to sign them up. Whatever it is that the actual real goal is, do that.
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