Jimmy Mack- Rack Card Marketing
Posted on December 29th, 2016 
When we talk about different subjects as far as marketing is concerned, the first thing I really thought about is Jimmy Mack.

I was one of the first to ever use Jimmy Mack, about 15 plus years ago. He had worked for several health clubs and one of them was called the Cube, it was a high-end fitness club. Jimmy Mack would come in right before these high-end fitness clubs were going to open, and he would have lead boxes, old school lead boxes everywhere. I mean it was unbelievable.

So somehow, I heard about him. I gave him a call and started talking to him; I wanted him to come in and do these leads boxes. He has this program where he will come in over five days and he will get you like 100 lead boxes placed or something like that.

I had, on average, 20 active lead boxes at a time, and we were doing 15 to 18 enrollments with that many. I talked to Jimmy Mack and I tried to get him down on price. I said, “hey, I will refer all kinds of people to you if you will give me a deal”. And guess what? He didn’t give me a deal. It was the best thing he ever did, because really, you shouldn’t give a deal. Deals and referrals don’t mix.

Listen, if you have a good service, people are going to refer you. Don’t barter with referrals. It is ridiculous. Give the best service you can and referrals are going to happen, no matter what. Jimmy Mack knew that from the start.

So I fly Jimmy Mack in and put him in a hotel. We get all the lead boxes set up and man, he got them out fast. He trained my staff and from that point forward we carried about 115 active boxes at any one time with some crazy routes.

We had full-time people on the phone, full-time people appointment setting. It was fantastic! Later we moved from lead boxes to what he calls “rack cards”, they’re like three-inch wide by six or eight-inch long kind of thing and those got out even faster. As soon as we would get back from putting out those Mack cards, we would instantly start getting calls.

Bring your staff in and teach them. I recommend you bring them once a year. Why? I mean you already know how to do it, right? Yes, but I guarantee you stopped. You’ve got to get back in. You’ve got to refresh your route. You’ve got to help your people learn again, get them inspired to get going again and build that route again.

Rack cards, Mack cards. They’re a simple investment that will pay for itself over and over again.
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