Email Basics
Posted on December 5th, 2016 
   Hey, we’re talking about marketing today. I would like to start by just talking about a few email basics. Email basics start really from the time someone enters their information or submits their information to your website. So the first email that they receive is generally a trigger directly off of your website or your opt-in form, your contact form. That email should be pretty low key. It shouldn’t be a hard sell. It shouldn’t be full of graphics. It should basically just be a nice little welcome introduction to your facility, your program, whatever it is.

   Then the second thing would be to start slow. You don’t need to try to bang them over the head with every program that you offer or anything like that. Just talk about a few, simple benefits and at the same time, my best suggestion and direction would be to guide them towards joining one year of private or closed Facebook groups, specifically for your facility.

   Within that group, if you’re doing your job right, you’re encouraging a lot of interaction. You’re encouraging a lot of excitement about the programs. You have people talking about the benefits of the program, how their kids are doing or how their athletes are doing, whatever it is. That’s going to sell more than anything you could send as far as an email is concerned. 

   The next thing I would invite you to consider is, when you do send these emails, keep it less than formal. You don’t need to use your title or things like that in your name and you don’t need a bunch of graphics in your emails that make it look like it was an automated email. You want it to look like you just typed it up real quick and sent it out, at least the first four or five. You can definitely have a good mix after that. But your first four or five emails need to look like they came directly from you. They don’t need to look like a brochure. 

   I would say email number one would be a welcome and a pre-frame to the next three or four emails that you’re going to send them.

   Second email would be a little bit more detail, followed with maybe the schedule and a link to buy a trial or register for a low-barrier offer of some kind. 

   The third would of course include maybe again a reminder to join your Facebook group along with some testimonial or reviews.

   Fourth would be a little bit more of the same. Maybe talk about an event coming up. You probably have standard events that are always coming up, so that makes it easy to build into an automatic follow-up machine of some kind. 

   Then the fifth would be to really full out ask for the registration of your trial or low-barrier offer or whatever it is.

   Then from there, they should probably go into your regular email series that you’re going to generate daily, weekly, whatever it is you decide. I recommend daily to continue to build engagement with them, sending them both back and forth from your blog, to your Facebook groups, and different details like that. I think that covers enough for email basics.

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