Start Focusing on What You Really Do
Even if you only have two, three, maybe half of a staff member 
I think it’s really important that you define your roles and positions.
A lot of times you’re doing everything, which is totally OK, but as you grow, you’re going to want to have these positions more clearly-defined. It will also give you an idea of what should be done that’s not being accomplished at this point.
The first thing you should do 
 have anybody that actually works with you, or does anything on your behalf, fill out some type of report that lists everything they do throughout the day.
Every 20 minutes write down what you did. It doesn’t matter what it is, it doesn’t matter if you’re on Facebook, it doesn’t matter if you were taking a drink, it doesn’t matter if you were writing a receipt. Whatever it is, just take a log of everything that you do for a couple of days, a week would be better.
You’re going to find a wealth of information once you’ve actually looked through these logs and see what’s being done on a regular day to day basis. As far as a wealth of information is concerned, you’re going to find a couple of things.
Number One  
You’re going to find what can be passed off to someone else.
Number Two 
You’re going to find things that should not be done. You’re doing something every day, or every 10 minutes, or every hour that is not being productive for you in any way. You’re going to be able to find those things, wipe them off of your schedule, and get rid of them completely.
Number Three 
You’re going to find things that are highly valuable, highly productive, that if you do more of them and you get better at them, you’re going to see increased results. You’re going to move closer towards your goals.
I know that a lot of people are moving towards a method to where everybody does everything. You don’t have an instructor and then a separate position for sales or something like that. Everybody does it all, which is no different for me. What’s important is that you have these different tasks and positions and roles and objectives logged, documented, so that you can help pass that down to the next person.
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